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Lamborghini Club America Gala Wins Best of Monterey

Lamborghini Club America Gala Wins Best of Monterey

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By Nick Christensen
Posted: Aug 18th 2013, 9:39 PM

Lamborghini Club America Gala Wins Best of Monterey
The Surf Air Serata Italiana Gala hosted by Lamborghini Club America at the Pasadera Country Club in Monterey was the single best event of Monterey Car Week. It was held at a breathtaking private golf clubhouse with exotic automobiles on display and featured a beyond delicious four-course dinner plus big name comedian Adam Carolla. All the attributes expected of an event of this caliber. But, what made this experience really stand out was the special close-knit family feeling of the group, highlighted by speaker, Valentino Balboni, chief test driver of Lamborghini for over 40 years. His extremely entertaining, humble and cheerful Italian manliness mesmerized the crowd. It would be impossible to find a better spokesman. Valentino Balboni's life is a lesson for all of us to seek out our dreams and do something amazing that we love.

...unmatched by any other Lamborghini event in the world.
- Serata Italiana

In life, sometimes we are lucky to have a few minutes to be with the people we really want to be close to. Valentino Balboni, Stephan Winkelmann (President and CEO of Lamborghini) and Andrew Romanowski (President of the Lamborghini Club of America) all share the same warm welcoming voice and are exciting to talk with. They love Lamborghini and they love what they do. Every Serata Italiana Gala attendee would probably agree that it's the small moments like these that can be treasured and thought about for years to come. An old Lamborghini Jalpa or Urraco can be found for as little as $35,000 USD. A new 2013 Gallardo starts at $191,900 and the Aventador is about $387,000 (without markup). Standard Lamborghini Club of America Membership for 12 months is $120. Serata Italiana knows having it all means the car and the family.


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